Opt-in email marketing (B2B & B2C)
Attract qualified prospects to your
web site with 100% opt-in email campaigns


Email marketing is fast emerging as the most effective Internet promotional tool. It's fast, precise, and cost-effective. Plus, you can execute your web promotion with unparalleled precision. Deliver your message to the right target to generate high-quality traffic to your web site.

advancis.agency now offers you access to more than 40 million recipients, including 4 million international recipients, to enhance your results on the Web. (more)

Ad banner campaigns
Despite popular belief, ad banners still offer the best value

Ad banner advertising remains the most misused internet advertising vehicle today. The fact is that a well-developed ad campaign can produce response rates of 2 to 7 percent. Consider the fact that ad banner advertising offers the lowest CPM, and you can see how this online marketing tool can help you generate results cost-effectively.

The key: increasing the value of your banner to its audience. Let advancis.agency show you how. (more)

Professional Web design
Make your Web site stand out

Web designs, page layouts, graphics, all can be as powerful as your toughest competitor in encouraging your prospects to buy elsewhere. Ultimately, your success on the Internet depends on a professionally-designed, well-structured web site.

Let advancis.agency's web designers and developers create a professional web site that delivers exactly what your audience needs while projecting a strong image. (more)

Wireless Web Design
Get ready for the wireless Web

Are you ready for the next wave of web surfers? Make sure your site is accessible to visitors who use wireless devices, phones, and more... (details)

Building a powerful eBrand


Make no mistake, brands are as vital in cyberspace as they are in the real world. While the concept of the brand has evolved to include new dimensions, it nonetheless remains one of the facets of e-strategy that offers the most potential for improving a company's performance on the Internet as well as ensuring its long-term success.

Branding initiatives are no longer the exclusive domain of the large companies. Find out how your business can also reap the benefits of a strong brand. (more)

Rich media
Use the latest technologies to attract prospects and increase sales

One thing is sure: web surfers like novelty. They will reward your company with higher-than average response rates. But hurry, once it becomes mainstream, Rich media will lose some of its impact. (more)

Digital brochures
Put an end to high-printing costs

The Internet is much more than the Web. In fact, companies can use the Internet to dramatically cut printing and shipping costs. Distribute brochures that are always up-to-date. Plus, you can easily integrate ecommerce functionality into your collateral to increase sales. (Ideal to follow-up on and qualify trade show leads without the high-printing and shipping expenses). (more)

Online community sponsorships
Deliver your message at the right place and at the right time

Right now, somewhere on the Internet, a group of people is sharing information about your product/service category in an effort to find solutions to their problems. In another group, members are sharing their enthusiasm about hobbies, sports, and other topics of interest...

Fabulous opportunities exist for companies looking to attract high-quality leads by promoting their offerings in the right online communities. advancis.agency offers you access to thousands of highly-targeted communities. (more)

Newsletter sponsorships
Hot off the Web!

A growing Internet trend is the delivery of news, offers, information via newsletters. Recipients love them because they feature information that pertains to their interests and needs. Plus, they are conveniently delivered in their InBoxes. As a result, these newsletters are highly anticipated by their audience.

Capitalize on this attentive audience; include your promotional message in the next publication of the eNewsletter that will reach your target audience. (more)

Integrated Internet Marketing campaigns
Success online starts here!

Not all Internet marketing tools are appropriate for every company. Part of the challenge of promoting products/services on the Internet is determining what Internet mix will produce the best results by delivering the right message to the right prospect at the right stage of the decision-making process.

Let our experts develop and execute a fully-integrated Internet marketing campaign that complements your marketing plan to deliver real results. Let us assist you from start to finish. Our team of Internet professionals becomes an extension of your marketing department. (contact us for details)

eBusiness strategies
Developing a solid foundation for your Internet activities

eBusiness is, before anything else, Business. Internet marketing tools, Web technologies, Web sites are just elements of a plan designed to deliver superior value to your customers. A solid e-business strategy fuses the latest Internet tools with proven business approaches to achieve complete customer satisfaction.

Jump start your Internet activities with a solid e-business strategy. advancis.agency partners with the e-business consulting branch of advancis.com to provide you a fully-integrated approach to doing business on the Internet. (contact us for details)

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