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Building a powerful eBrand

People, consumers and professionals alike, form an image of your eBrand based on all the messages it sends. Hence, a company's entire communications program defines what a particular brand represents and how it is perceived by the audience. Through clear and consistent communications, a brand slowly acquires an identity. This means everything a company does online or offline plays an important role in building a strong brand. That includes its logo, advertising style, communications style, web site design, etc...

The important thing to remember is that your eBrand will acquire an identity whether you plan it or not. Hence, the importance of taking control over your company's ebranding strategy, after all it is your brand. As you can see brand management is not for Internet companies only.

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Positioning your eBrand
With privacy and security ranking high on the list of concerns of cybershoppers, companies must clearly indicate, through their e-brands, their position on these issues. This way, all products and services offered under the brand name will inherit its reputation.

As new concerns or values emerge in the emarketplace, e-brand managers must reposition their brand to meet their audiences expectations, needs or wants. Let's build an eBrand that facilitates transactions on your site.

Protecting your eBrand
Brand managers must avoid falling victim to spammarketing to prevent damaging their e-brands. Spammarketing or unknowingly using spam techniques to deliver a message on the Internet is more wide-spread than believed.

A wrong move could land your e-brand and site a spot on the dreaded black list -- the equivalent of a real world boycott of your company's offering.


Building brand equity
e-branding focuses on building equity in cyberspace using a variety of Internet-based marketing tools. The good news is that low-CPM Internet marketing tools will work as well as high-CPM vehicles. This is particularly important when you consider the fact that a strong brand is the result of repetition.


Managing your eBrand for tomorrow's Wireless world
The Internet as we know it is about to change thanks to the advent of wireless devices. How do you build an e-brand that will survive change and allow your company to reap the benefits of this new wave of web surfers? Anticipate and make the right investments today.



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