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What happens when a marketing tool is used for the wrong purpose? Poor results are inevitable. Most ad banners used today are a perfect example of what not to do.

The design is not necessarily the problem. The banner is. It really is nothing more than a banner, and was designed as such. Even though they target different prospects and have different objectives, the banners have more or less the same message:"Click here. Click here."

The fact is that marketers must look at online advertising differently. Not from their point of view but from the visitor's point of view. Delivering what your audience needs or wants, increasing the value of your banner, and taking full-advantage of the banner's location and creative specs will take you a step closer to achieving real results when advertising online. Top sites all over the web are willing to sell you prime space on their most popular web pages. Don't miss this opportunity.

While it is true that it is more difficult to encourage web surfers to leave the page they are viewing to visit that of an advertiser, marketing professionals must realize that this is not the case for every market or industry. Real opportunities still exist in online advertising.

Think 2 or 7 percent click-through rates are a thing of the past? Think again. It's time for solid results; let get you there. ad banner advertising at a glance

Increase the value of your ad banner
Every ad banner campaign starts with a thorough analysis of your target market's online behavior, information needs, and wants. The resulting banner design or concept incorporates the market's characteristics to increase its value to your audience.

This step also serves to alert advertisers when an ad banner campaign is not recommended.

Results-oriented approach
Once campaign objectives have been established, a strategy is developed to ensure you obtain real results. Whether you want to build brand awareness or equity, drive visitors to your site, or attract potential customers, an approach specific to your e-business environment will be designed.
Pre-campaign testing required
Testing assumptions, correcting weaknesses, and capitalizing on strengths are all objectives of this important phase. Let's determine what works and what doesn't work before your campaign begins.
Rigorous performance analysis
The fact is that a specific segment of your target market will respond better to your messages. We track results and analyze trends in real-time to optimize your ad banner campaign's results as the campaign is executed. This means your results are getting better and better and better...
Creative design to be better, not different
When compelling, valuable content is combined with creativity, your audience will notice. Yet, the emphasis is not on being different, it is on delivering your message better than your competitors do.


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